Cabin vs Cottage: What’s the Difference?

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Sunday, April 22nd, 2012 at 8:43 pm

Many people wonder what the difference is between a cabin vs a cottage.

Far too many real estate agencies confuse the two terms and are even known to use them to describe other homes and accommodations that have nothing at all to do with being a cabin vs a cottage.

If you’re looking to purchase a cabin for sale, or perhaps you want that cottage feel, then you should know what the difference is. Does it really matter? It might.

Size matters
When discussing the difference between a cottage vs a cabin, size can make a difference. Perusing many sites on the Internet, there seems to be some confusion on this topic. People point to size as the determining factor of cabin vs cottage, and wrongly assume that a cottage is larger.

The truth is that a cabin can be just about any size these days. People think of a cabin and think of the days of their youth, hiking in the woods and sleeping in a small, one room cabin with no windows. That’s just not the case anymore. A cabin can be of any size, really. A cottage, on the other hand, is often mistaken for a dwelling by the sea,

A cottage size is generally small. A single story structure and, contrary to popular belief, a cottage doesn’t have to be near an ocean any more than a cabin has to be in the woods near a lake.

Cabin vs cottage. Construction materials is where the two stand apart. A cabin generally is made of wood. Most cabins consist of logs as their main body structure and are often left with an unfinished appearance on the inside.

Cottages can be built of any material, such as stone, wood, or even mud and straw. The interior of a cottage is finished, often painted, and resembles most modern homes.

The source of all this confusion in the cottage vs cabin debate
The reason that so many people are basically confused about what constitutes a cabin verse what makes a cottage comes from a marketing effort on behalf of some agents, whether they are trying to sell house or rent vacation spots. These individuals have come to call far too many dwellings by false names.

The reason that they do this is because the terms cabin vs cottage conjure an image of rustic nostalgia, of a simpler time, of grace and integrity, and of something other than a modern home. A ‘cottage by the sea’ just has the more appealing ring to it than ‘house by the sea,’ so people have become accustomed to labeling cottages as being by the sea.

A cottage can be anywhere and many wonderful cottages are actually found in small villages and towns far away from any major body of water.

A cabin has often been used to describe homes that are tucked in the woods. While this generally is the case, a cabin doesn’t have to be without windows, running water, or electricity.

When you are trying to decide between purchasing a cabin or a cottage for sale, don’t fall into the modern day trap of clever marketing. They’re both wonderful and far different than modern homes.

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