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An American Guide to English Country Cottages

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Sunday, October 17th, 2010 at 12:55 pm

For those Americans who have never had the pleasure of staying at one of the many wonderful English country cottages, then it stands to reason that they don’t know what they are missing. English country cottages are an incredible vacation destination that can set one’s spirit alight and recharge the proverbial batteries that may have seen some serious drainage due to overwork, stress from finances, or any number of other factors.

And English country cottages are some of the most famous holiday destinations that invoke a sense of nostalgia, grace, and connection to a simpler time.

When one thinks of English country cottages, they often think of the small home by the sea, the home of Shakespeare, or the dwelling tucked neatly in the midst of a lush, green forest.

While all of these are excellent examples of English country cottages, there is a great deal more to them than that.

English country cottages come in all shapes

It would be simple to state that English country cottages comes in all shapes and sizes, as they certainly do, but the entire idea of a cottage is to be small, usually a single story set in a rural or sub-rural location. In other words, a giant twenty-five hundred square foot mansion overlooking a major harbor in a large city is not a cottage.

It is certainly not an English country cottage. While you may instinctively imagine the quaint, thatched roof home of old as English country cottages, there are many modern amenities to them, including Internet access and modern appliances.

First steps
The first steps one takes in any venture are often the most important ones. For instance, before you even start looking for an English country cottage, make sure your passport is in order and you’re ready to go. Why? Once you start looking, you’ll soon realize how incredible these vacations can be and you’ll want to be on your way immediately. Why wait, anyway?

How to find the best English country cottages

Of course, the Internet is a great tool to find just about anything and everything under the sun, but when you are looking for that perfect cottage, then you should consider a travel agent who is versed in the best locations throughout Great Britain, which includes Scotland and Ireland as well as England.

What to expect when you arrive
When you find that perfect getaway, you will be anticipating arriving with anticipation and eagerness. English country cottages usually have a caretaker nearby who will meet you with the keys to the cottage and any specific instructions that you need to know. They will also usually be responsible for anything that may occur or which you may need assistance.

Even though a country cottage is, by definition, away from the hustle and bustle of modern life, there will be plenty to do, regardless of where you are in the country. Many English country cottages will supply a list of things to do, places to see, and some of the local history you will find interesting.

What about cleaning or extra charges?
Of course we can’t speak to every single country cottage, but most cottages are cleaned between stays without charge to the guests. Just keep the condition of the cottage as it was when you arrived.

English country cottages are an incredible way to loosen up, let go of the stress, and revitalize your life.

Luxury Holiday Cottages from Around the World

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Sunday, September 19th, 2010 at 9:33 am

Nothing quite stirs the emotions, or rejuvenates the spirit as a stay in one of the world’s best holiday cottages. It seems that far too many people flock to the comfort of big cities when traveling the world, or to the exquisite but overcrowded beaches of deep blue seas and pristine white sands. For all of these individuals out there, they are missing out on some incredible scenery, beauty, and relaxation that holiday cottages have to offer.

Do some simple Internet search engine research and you will find locations from around the world with holiday cottages for sale that are, in a word, breathtaking. Great Britain has some of the most spectacular holiday cottages to choose from, but there are incredible retreats from Italy to Austria, from France to the United States.

So what, precisely, defines a holiday cottage?

Definition of holiday cottages
A cottage, basically, is a small, one-story modest dwelling generally located within a rural, or sub-rural area. In other words, holiday cottages won’t be located within major city limits, they won’t be found near crowded beach resort towns, and they won’t be found in vastly popular tourist destinations.

Of course, there are plenty of agencies and homeowners that will extol the virtues of their cottages, even when they don’t truly conform to the basic definition of a cottage, which is why one should be aware of what holiday cottages truly are from the outset of their search.

What about luxury?
Then there is the question of luxury. Cottages, though typically small, don’t have to have furnishings or appliances from the 19th century in order to be considered cottages. Many of the finest luxury holiday cottages from around the world have the latest and greatest technology, including Internet access, WiFi, cable television, and more.

Some homeowners and landlords will prefer that consumers be left in the dark when it comes to what defines a cottage and what doesn’t. That means that they will be more interested in avoiding the cost of updating their cottages than providing the best and most modern amenities available. And vacationers buy into the mythology.

Where can you find the best holiday cottages from around the world?
The Internet is one of the most important resources for holiday-goers and vacations when it comes to finding the best luxury holiday cottages from around the world. One quick search returns results from some of the most picturesque and immensely beautiful locations around the world, such as Mexico, Croatia, Australia, Great Britain, Austria, and the United States.

There are luxury holiday cottages that are part of resort communities, which allow you the privacy of serene comfort of the countryside or rural region while at the same time being able to connect with others and not feel so isolated.

Another way to find the best luxury holiday cottages from around the world is through a real estate agency or a travel agency. Either of these two businesses specializes in finding you the perfect getaway that is ideal for your next holiday.