Most Unique Log Cabin Homes

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Saturday, November 13th, 2010 at 8:52 am

If you are looking for some of the most unique log cabin homes, then you have come to the right place.

It might seem like a misconception that any log cabin could be more unique than others, but there are countless ways that one can separate itself from others, more traditional log cabin homes.

The history of log cabin homes
When settlers in the United States moved west, they began to incorporate a variety of home building techniques, some from the old country of England and others that had made their way to the new United States from lands far, far away. It made the most sense for many settlers, most of whom were poor landowners who had spent years in indentured servitude, to use the direct land around their new lands to build their homes.

Logs made some of the strongest and warmest protections against the elements, as well as against some of the natives and natural threats to them.

Today, log cabin homes incorporate style with function and art

Many people who set out to build log cabins do so with the idea that they will be getting back to the roots of nature, that they will be incorporating a sense of responsibility into their new home. But there is also a great deal more than can be accomplished with log cabin homes, not the least of which is being unique.

While the exterior structures of log cabin homes may seem to be similar from one home to the next, the interior can make all of the difference. Incorporating the knots in wood and the unique curves that some trees take shape as they grow is one of the most defining characteristics of unique log cabin homes.

From overhead and structural beams to staircase railings, unique log cabin homes bring to life the sense of style and sophistication that nature creates through the course of time. What craftsmen far and wide continue to fail to accomplish is the create the same flow and symmetry found within nature. While their most concerted efforts are valiant, for a truly unique log cabin home, look for those that have what some may consider the flaws of nature as a part of them.

Blending natural stone with natural wood
Another of the most unique log cabin homes that one will find incorporates natural stone work with the signature style of wood that has curves, shapes, and flaws. The Maple Island company is one of these unique manufactures of log cabin homes that combine these two elements to create works of art. A natural stone foundation blended into log structures, capped with extending arms of the trees’ reach and breadth create something that captures the imagination and inspires awe and wonder.

Stepping inside, of course, one will find more of the same amazing architecture. Some of it may seem to come straight out of the pages of a J.R.R. Tolkein novel.

Log cabin homes can be symmetric and perfectly structured, or they can be artworks themselves. The latter tends to almost unanimously be the most unique log cabin homes around.

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