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Modern Definitions of a Log Cabin and Cottage

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Saturday, February 26th, 2011 at 3:48 pm

Log Cabin and Cottages

Many people often confuse the differences between a log cabin and a cottage. Far too often these two terms are used interchangeably and this can often be misleading to a variety of vacation-goers and those seeking to find the best accommodations on their next trip. A log cabin is not a cottage. That should be the first thing to understand.

The next thing to understand, of course, is what precisely defines a log cabin and a cottage.

Definition of a log cabin

A log cabin is a house made from logs. The concept dates back to the expansion to the West of the early pioneers in America. They constructed these log homes out of the trees surrounding them, using few tools, usually just an axe and possibly an adze. Mud was often used between the logs to help minimize the wind that could penetrate into the home’s interior. Glass windows were not an option, so grease paper was often used in their place.

Most of these original log homes were one room. Small and tight quarters.

A modern log home is much different, and still much the same. The idea of construction remains the same with logs being the primary wood for the main part of the home. However, glass is used today and the log cabin homes can be quite extensive in size, depending on the builder’s desire. Some modern log cabin homes can be several bedrooms, living rooms, and other rooms large.

In most cases, a log cabin will be built around nature, using the natural landscape and scenery to surround it. A log cabin home that sits in the middle of a cleared field does not inspire the same wonder and beauty as one that blends into the deep pine forest, for example.

Definition of a cottage

The term ‘cottage’ was originally used to classify the poor and disenfranchised people who lived in single story huts. Today, cottage means something completely different. The modern cottage is typically a single-story home that has a quaint, but charismatic appearance and feel to it.

When we open the newspaper or go on the Internet to search for vacation homes, and type in the term cottage into the search, we are met with a number of postings that may read something like: Cottage by the Sea, or something to that effect. Then we click on the link and see a house, an ordinary modern house with two stories or more overlooking the ocean.

A modern cottage is basic and simple and should bring back a sense of nostalgia, of a time from long ago. Of course, a cottage does not need to be old; there are many wonderful modern cottages of new construction, but it’s the size and style that creates the unique separation of a cottage from a beach home, or a bungalow hidden in the woods.

Whether you are looking for a log cabin or a cottage for sale, both should give the appearance and styling of classic times with the modern amenities we have come to enjoy.

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